Echocardiography: commonly called “ECHO”, is the imaging of the heart and inside of the heart with the help of Ultrasound. It is as simple as an Ultrasound of the Heart.

Your doctor can see real-time images of:

  • how your heart is pumping

  • the size of heart chambers

  • walls of the heart chambers

  • pumping action of every chamber

  • structures and function of every valve

  • any abnormalities of the heart are easily detected, including defects by birth (congenital)

  • defects of valves: narrowing or leakages of valves

  • defects of pumping power of the heart

  • any mass or tumor of the heart

  • any defects of surrounding of heart – pericardium

  • detect how blood is flowing inside the heart and through valves

When it is performed?

  • If any kind of heart disease is suspected

  • During high blood pressure problems

  • Monitoring of heart function of established heart disease

  • Screening of heart disease as a preventive annual check-ups

How it is performed?

With an Ultrasound machine with a special cardiac imaging probe (transducer), placed over your chest with Gel. It is a completely painless and harmless procedure. Doesn’t require any preparation or fasting state. Usually requires 10-15 minutes.